Terms & Conditions

Terms Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

By purchasing and registering your device under ACCSURE coverage you agree to be bound by the following ACCSURE Protection Program Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This is a legally binding contract between You, ACCSURE (TED India) and all third parties included in the ACCSURE program. We suggest that you read this entire document before purchasing and registering your device under ACCSURE Protection Program.

Preamble: ACCSURE Protection Program has been devised on the premise to extend flexible insurance solution to Smartphone & Tablet/ Phablet users. The Accsure Protection Kit is an integral part of the program and must be kept applied to the device at all times (Not applicable for Accsure Lite program). Each claim must satisfy the basic pre-requisite and shall be verified for consistency of the same to ensure that the claim is not in violation of the ACCSURE Program Terms and Conditions. Failure to do so may lead to denial of claim.

Territory of Coverage: The territory of coverage for ACCSURE program shall be worldwide. Program or device purchased outside the territory of Republic of India may be considered on qualifying the basis criteria or specific approval from the Insurer.

Registration of ACCSURE Protection Program: The ACCSURE program purchased must be registered within 15 days of purchase by visiting www.accsure.in.The insurance coverage commences from the time of registration and/ or completion of waiting time, as applicable on your purchased program (Ref. table). Failure to register an ACCSURE Protection Program within the stipulated timeframe shall make the program void. You may be asked to submit a latest image of the device, in the prescribed format, failing which you may be asked to resubmit the same at a later date & to the satisfaction of the insurer to avail the program benefits. Non-cooperation or failure in doing so may lead to cancellation of insurance coverage of the device under consideration. 

No. of days at device registration w.r.t Date of Device purchase

No. of days at time of device registration

Insurance Cover Inception Day

Loss/ Damage within waiting period

Loss/ Damage after waiting period

Less than 30 days

Immediate cover



>30 & less than 90 days

After 15 days waiting

Not covered


>90 & less than 180 days

After 30 days waiting

Not covered



Any attempt to purchase ACCSURE program for an already damaged device and doing so or attempting to do so will void all coverage as well as prohibit future registration by the said Customer.

Damage/ Claims Reporting: All accidental/ loss reports must be filed by visiting our website www.accsure.in and shall not be entertained through the third party retailer/ seller where the product was purchased, within a reasonable time frame of 3 days from the date of damage. Each claim shall be verified, to ensure legitimacy of the device and that the claim is not in violation of the ACCSURE Program Terms and Conditions. If required, you may be asked for an Affidavit or statutory declaration in substantiation of such claim.

Claims Processing & Documentation: All claims are subjected to documentation and are at sole discretion of the Insurer/ Program underwriters. The program manager or the insurer at its discretion may request and you hereby agree to provide, additional reports/ supporting documents including itemized telephone bills, police report and other documents requested in order to investigate the validity of claim. In case you refuse to comply with the Terms and Conditions of ACCSURE Protection Program, you understand that your claim may be denied. Every claim is subjected to an excess/ deductible payable. This shall be payable in advance and must be paid at the time the claim is accepted. The excess/ deductible payable table as below;

Claim Value

Excess/ Deductible Payable

Up to INR 5,000

5% of claim amount subject to min INR 500

Between INR 5,000 & INR 10,000

5% of claim amount subject to min INR 1000

Between INR 10,000 & INR 20,000

5% of claim amount subject to min INR 1,500

Above INR 20,000

5% of claim amount subject to min INR 2,000

Depreciation applicable in case of Total Loss or Theft cases as per the table below;

Age of Device

Applicable Depreciation

Up to 3 months


Between 3 to 6 months


6 months & above


Shipping the Damaged Device: ACCSURE shall arrange to pick-up the damaged device under claim once the claim is registered in coordination with the customer either directly or using 3rd party service provider. The Customer must take all reasonable steps to declare the device with the ACCSURE protection kit (including the Unique Serial No sticker) & all original parts of the device in the package. However, at times or claims from remote locations may delay the pick-up process wherein the Customer may choose to send the damaged device using their own means of shipment or may choose to undertake the repair with prior written consent from ACCSURE Program Management team/ TED India.

Shipping the Repaired/ Refurbished/ Replaced Device: ACCSURE shall arrange to deliver the repaired, refurbished or replaced device back to the customer’s address either directly or using 3rd party service provider.

Loss of Data, Software & Application: We understand the value of your data and would recommend you should back up your data at regular intervals. We would recommend that you backup your device prior to shipping for repair, if possible. ACCSURE shall not be responsible for any loss of data, including but without limiting to personalized data, contacts, photos and videos, downloads, purchased applications/ software & screen savers.

Exclusions: The following are not covered under the ACCSURE Protection Program

- Scratches to aluminum/ plastic parts, damages Damage caused by any process of cleaning, dyeing or bleaching, restoring, repairing or renovation or deterioration arising from wear and tear, moth, vermin, insects or mildew or any other gradually operating clause.

- Any loss which is cosmetic in nature & does not result into complete stoppage of/ or functioning of the device.

- Any manufacturer defects, faulty operating systems, prior damages, data of any kind as described under clause- 8.

- Loss or damage caused by mechanical or electrical derangement/ breakdown of any article unless caused by accidental external means.

- Theft from any car except car of fully enclosed saloon type having at the time all the doors, windows and other openings securely locked and properly fastened and not amounting to an act of negligence by the user.

- Any act of "Negligence" defined herewith as "Breach of Duty of care that results in damage". 

- Loss or Damage to the device under mysterious/ unexplained circumstances or reasons.

- Loss or damage whether direct or indirect arising from War, War-like operations, Act of Foreign Enemy, Hostilities (whether war be declared or not) Civil War, Rebellion, Insurrection, Civil Commotion, Military or Usurped Power, Seizure, Capture, Confiscation, Arrests, Restraint and Detainment by the order of any Government or any other authority.

- Consequential loss or legal liability of any kind.

- Loss arising after 12 months from date of registration of device under Accsure Protection Program.

General Conditions:

DUTY OF DISCLOSURE: This Policy shall be void and all premiums paid hereon shall be forfeited in the event of misrepresentation, misdescription or non-disclosure of any material fact.

REASONABLE CARE: Warranted that the Insured shall take all reasonable steps to safeguard the property insured against accident, loss or damage.

Claims/ Repair Initiation: Claims process shall be initiated within 2 business days from the time ACCSURE is intimated of your claim and required documentation is completed. Claims received before Noon Indian Standard Time shall be considered the same day. Repairs may be subject to delays at times due to external factors. Delays may include those due to part shortages and/or product unavailability. If a repair takes longer than usual turnaround time, ACCSURE shall take all reasonable steps to keep you notified on such delay.

Repair & Replacement: shall be administered by ACCSURE or our Administrators and will be performed at Authorized Service Centers and/or a third party repair company. Certain devices may be replaced with a similar refurbished unit.

Damaged devices that are beyond repair and/ or replaced the original devices shall become property of Insurers/ ACCSURE/ TED India and shall not be returned to the Customer. Repaired/replaced parts will also become property of Insurer/ ACCSURE/ TED India and shall not be returned to the Customer.

Limitation to claims: The limitation to claim shall not be beyond the Insured Declared value and/ or not more than two (2) accidental damage claims will be allowed per ACCSURE Protection program within the coverage period. However, the coverage shall stand seized after one (1) claim for total loss or theft cases.

Claims Denial: ACCSURE reserves the right to deny any claim that is assessed as abuse or intentional in nature based on the ACCSURE Terms and Conditions. ACCSURE protection kits provided in the package are not indestructible and must be handled with care.

Fraud: If any claim under this Policy shall be in any respect found fraudulent or if any fraudulent means or devices are used by the Insured or anyone acting on the Insured's behalf to obtain any benefit under this policy, all benefits and rights under the Policy shall be forfeited.

Transferability: ACCSURE coverage is non-transferable and shall only apply to one registered device and one owner. However, in the event that the owner replaces the existing registered device with another device of the same make, model and value, ACCSURE Protection program may, at its sole discretion, continue coverage on the new device for the remainder of the coverage period, if the new device is duly registered by the program manager and in compliance with the ACCSURE Protection Program Terms and Conditions.

Shipping Time: Total shipping time are sum total of handling time and delivery times, as estimated by our service providers/ logistics partners involved in the process. In the event that a product does not arrive by the estimated delivery date, please contact our customer service team by visiting our website www.accsure.in. Please refer to ACCSURE Shipping policy for details, terms & conditions.

Shipment Returns: Our logistics partners shall make three attempts through physical visits and telephonic contacts to deliver the package at your provided address. However, improper/ insufficient addresses and not finding anybody would lead to return of the package to sender. We can resend the package upon request at additional postage expenses which shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Modification or Addition to terms & conditions: TED India/ ACCSURE reserve the right to revise the Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice or intimation.

ACCSURE Protection Program refers to the Insurance program proposed herewith by TED India, are the owners, proposers, sellers and claims managers in association with Insurance partner New India Assurance Company Limited. ACCSURE logos, artwork, videos/ images and all related thereto, including without limitation, those contained in www.accsure.in are proprietary trademarks of TED India/ Proposer. Any attempt for unauthorized copying or duplication shall be subjected to legal recourse and penalty thereon. ACCSURE Protection Program is exclusively owned and operated by TED India. Neither ACCSURE Protection Program nor TED India has any affiliation with any device manufacturer (OEM) unless otherwise mentioned in explicit terms.